Радуйтесь и познавайте себя, мир вместе с нами и стройте своё и всеобщее счастье.


The kingdom of heaven is inside us. So, it helps us to make the life of any person, who has accepted the knowledge and applies it in his everyday life, more filled with sense, love, understanding of himself, the other people, and the world around us. It helps to reach results many people can only dream of: to recover one's health (even under the most severe diseases), to help your relatives and family, to participate actively at harmonization of the social and world space. It's difficult to explain in one word the scope and possibilities of this knowledge. Let us say that a person practicing them gets an opportunity to provide the necessary knowledge, energy, information from the eternity flow, where all the Divine knowledge is kept, to translate it into the infinity flow which is the real place where human life is created. Any person who studies it accepts a possibility to perceive directly the Divine knowledge without any mediator, by means of his own soul and from his own soul, demonstrating it in his everyday life.
Thus, human being can't any more be evil, irrational because of his knowing how to be good, and clearly understands that it will do well for him, for other people and for the entire world. Such a man enters into the process of the world creation, having obtained the Divine knowledge, and demonstrates it here, in his own life. Correspondingly, the world reveals itself towards such a person and helps him in all his affairs.
We would like to share our knowledge with everybody. Here you can find audio, video and text materials, ask questions, communicate with the representatives of many departments of the organization "The Tree of Life" from different cities and countries. There are pages in German, English and Italian presented at the site. Any representative office of the Arcady Petrov's fund can download its practical materials concerning the theory "The Tree of Life" here. The video conferences on-line with the practical studies are also planned as well as many other materials. It's always possible to look at the time-table of studies delivered by the trainers of the fund: Gennadiy Braga and by all the others who desire to download here their time-tables.
We also hope that our site will become interesting for other spiritual studies in order to find the common themes instead of disagreements, we hope that all the good, which the Gods provides, will do well for all the people and the entire world.
We also invite to collaboration the organizers of seminars in other spiritual practices in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Germany, Italy and the others. If You have the desire in order to organize the seminars in your country or your city so we will do it with pleasure, Our address: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. , or www.vita-infinity.com .
All the visitors are welcome to put their comments here. We will carefully read and consider all the opinions, which can really help us to develop our site and establish useful contacts. Thanks in advance.
Gennadiy Braga

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